Rip-Normal Rip - Quality - 128 Kbps

Track List:
"Time to Talk" - Open Hand
"Trust" - Thrice
"Firewater" - Yellowcard
"Memory" - Sugarcult
"Letters to You" - Finch
"A Hole in the World" - Thursday
"Playing Favourites" - The Starting Line
"Velvet Alley" - Strung Out
"Eight of Nine" - The Ataris
"Cute Without the 'E' (Cut from the Team)" - Taking Back Sunday
"Chloroform Perfume" - From Autumn to Ashes
"Swing Life Away" - Rise Against
"The King" - Piebald
"Over It" - Rufio
"Chalk Line" - Strike Anywhere
"Away to the Heart" - Noise Ratchet
"Blue Collar Lullaby" - Coalesce
"Gathering Darkness" - Grade
"Alone in the World" - Glasseater
"Knew It All Along" - Midtown