Rip-Scene Release - Quality - VBR
Release- A_Heros_Fate-Another_Knight_Alone-2010-RTB
Genre - Pop Punk / Post-Hardcore
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For Fans of- Mayday! Cried The Captain, Best Kept Secret, OhRomeo!

Track List:
1. Ron is Anthrax Proof
2. Flight 286
3. Like a Bull in a China Shop
4. Chrono-Logic
5. Master of Muppets
6. Leroy, King of the Dolphins
7. Meadows of the Golden Fleece
8. Return of the Seawolf
9. The Wand Makes the Wizard
10. She's Cute (but she's probably underage)
11. Bye Bye Blackbird
12. Tales of a Mountain Lion