Band Name - The Venetia Fair

Album - The Circus
Year - 2009
Link - Myspace / Comunidade no Orkut
Genre - Indie, Experimental, Alternative

01. A Man Like Me
02. Let’s Just Forget About This
03. What Do We Have Here?
04. Because You’re Lonely (The Circus)
05. The Ringleader (Nonus the Hobo)
06. The Animals Tent (Decimus the Tramp)
07. The Performers Tent (Mortus The Bum)
08. Gullinkambi’s Return
09. The Sideshow Tent
10. The Clowns and the Escape

For fans of: Sound We Sleep, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco
Note: Normal Rip / V0 (VBR) / THANK YOU WHATCD!