Descrição: Post-Hardcore/ Screamo

Location: San Diego, Califórnia.

Members: Vic Fuentes - vocal/guitarra/gritos
Mike Fuentes - bateria
Jaime Preciado - baixo
Tony Perry - guitarra

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Pierce The Veil - Yeah Boy and Doll Face

Pierce The Veil - A Flair For The Dramatic (2007)

Track List:
01. Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
02. Currents Convulsive
03. Yeah Boy and Doll Face
04. I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
05. The Cheap Bouquet
06. Falling Asleep On A Stranger
07. She Sings In The Morning
08. The Balcony Scene
09. Drella
10. Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them
11. Wonderless