Descrição: Punk / Pop Punk / Hardcore

Location:SCOTTSBORO, Alabama
Estados Unidos

Members:Michael - vox
Charles- guitar/vox
Zack - guitar
Christian - bass
Corey - drums

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Latin For Truth - Eleven Eleven (2009)

Track List:
01.If Only Your Band Was As Big As Your Ego 2:43
02.Lying for a Living 2:52
03.Hope Is Alive and Well 3:28
04.Captain Hardcore Cashes In 2:33
05.Gas Station Grills 2:57
06.What Would Bruce Campbell Do 2:36
07.Dark Sunshine 2:46
08.I'm Not Beefing With the Almighty, I'm Just Saying
I've Got Questions and He's Got Answers 2:47
09.Ssdd 1:56
10.Hot Breathe 4:05
11.Sailor Talk About Digital Support 3:19