Descrição: Screamo / Experimental / Electro

Location:San Marcos, Texas
Estados Unidos

Members: Mikal-Vocals
Nate-vocals maybe??

MySpace // Cmm

Sobre December Skyes:

"Hello!!! =]
We are December Skyes, a Screamo/Electronic band from San Marcos, TX. We are just a small group of kids from a small town who love making music and laughing at eachother. We have just finished recording our first EP and it will be out very soon! We love playing shows (what band doesn't lol) please message us if you can help us out!"

December Skyes (music rip.)

1. And The Sea Will Tell
2. I won and lost vast sums on the Missis
3. Incase of a water landing you can use
4. Love is biochemically equal to
5. The giraffes are playing keep away with
6. Three giant monsters two with bucke