Descrição:Rock / Indie / Alternative

Anarbor is an American pop-rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. It was formed in 2004 when guitarist Mike Kitlas decided to form a band with follow junior high school students Slade Echeverria (vocals) and Greg Garrity (drums). The final pieces of the band came into place when mutual friends Jess Myers (bass) and Adam Juwig (guitar) joined the group.

Members:Slade Echeverria - Vocals
Adam Juwig - Guitar
Mike Kitlas - Guitar
Greg Garrity - Drums

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Anarbor-The Natural Way EP [2008]

1.Love Instead (3:46)
2.The Brightest Green (3:17)
3.Right There With You (3:18)
4.Passion for Publication (2:38)

Anarbor-Hearing Colours seeing sounds [EP](2007)

1. I’ll Stay to the West (3:23)
2. Where the Wild Things are (Monsters) (3:16)
3. Between You and I (4:21)
4. Anatomy (5:09)
5. Beat of the Drum (3:31)
6. If Jealousy Had a Face (2:23)
7. Best Part of Waking Up (4:14)

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