Descrição: Indie / Alternative / Pop

John O'Callaghan - Vocals
Garrett Nickelsen - Bass
Pat Kirch - Drums
Kennedy Brock - Guitar, Vocals
Jared Monaco - Guitar

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The Maine - Stay Up Get Down (EP)

01. Count 'Em One, Two, Three
02. Daisy
03. Shake It
04. Give Me Anything
05. The Town's Been Talkin'

The Maine - The Way We Talk(EP)
01. If I Only Had The Heart
02. The Way We Talk
03. Give Me Anything
04. We Change, We Wait
05. The Town's Been Talkin'

The Maine - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
01. Everything I Ask For
02. We All Rock Along
03. Girls Do What They Want
04. I Must Be Dreaming
05. Into Your Arms
06. Time To Go
07. This Is The End
08. Whoever She Is
09. Count 'Em One, Two, Three
10. Kiss And Sell
11. You Left Me
12. We’ll All Be…

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We All Rock Along
Count'em One, Two, Three
Everything I Ask For
I Must Be Dreaming

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