Descrição:Rock / Punk / Experimental

Members:Paul McGuire: Vocals
Gabe Ausiello: Guitar
Ray Bautista: Keyboards
Dan Kingdon: Bass
Danny Glaspy: Drums
Location: San Francisco CA
Estados Unidos

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Karate High School - Arcade Rock (2006)

01. Good News and Bad News
02. Twice Upon a Time (110%)
03. 88 Million Light Years Away
04. Sweep the Leg
05. This Is the Soundtrack
06. Scenes Rushing By
07. Extra! Extra! (Hear All About It)
08. Another Day at the Office
09. Oh No
10. Smile, You're on TV
11. The Joke Is on Us


(Créditos de link:killthemusica)

Karate High School - The League Of Tomorrow (2007)
(rip. myspace)

1. Burning Up For You
2. Sometimes When You Lose You Wi
3. Welcome To The Broken Hearts C